The Black Lime

At Black Lime, we are all about the food. Whether it’s the authentic falafel without mystery filler or the homemade hummus, made from scratch each day, we want it to be good – good for you and to your taste buds. We give our guests the best pita bread, the finest steak and the freshest toppings we can find. At Black Lime, it’s all about flavor and quality.

But what the heck is Black Lime? Black Lime is an authentic mediterranean spice, and it’s integral to our menu. Taste its flavor in our Grilled Black Lime Chicken, Home-made Black Lime Hummus and the Black Lime Aioli Sauce that will have you coming back for more. Black Lime is a flavor that is seldom found without a passport. So, now that we’ve peaked your curiosity, come on in and experience Black Lime for yourself. You will be glad you did!